Galileo® Delta Mini TiltTable

Therapy with Galileo® for toddlers. Easy and effective for our little ones.

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Therapy with Galileo® for toddlers

Easy and effective for our little ones.

The Galileo Delta Mini allow toddlers unable to stand to benefit from the therapy success with Galileo. The Galileo Med 15 TT has an interface to control the TiltTable by the remote control and can also display the tilt angle. Med 15 TT can be removed from the TiltTable and used as a base plate on the floor. Galileo Delta Mini are particularly suitable for use in small children weighing up to 45 kg. The device is compact for a space requirement.
The integrated dumbbell connector and the Wobbel function expand the range of therapy options. The Galileo Med 15 TT can be used with a Galileo Mano Dumbbell model for a total body workout. Both synchronous or separate operation of both devices is possible at any time.


Novotec Medical GmbH

Certified to


Type No.


Medical device


Hand rail


External control


Internal control


Remote control


Frequency range (from/to)

5..27 Hz

Amplitude (from/to)

0..+/-3,5 mm

Stroke (peak to peak)

0..7 mm

Max. acceleration

10,3 g

Dimensions base unit (l/w/h)

412 x 258 mm

Dimensions footplate (l/w)

524 x 340 x 100 mm

Dimensions, TiltTable in horizontal position

1435 x 450 x 890 mm

Dimensions total (l/w/h)

1435 x 450 x 890 mm

Weight base unit

12,8 kg

Weight, TiltTable without base unit

27,3 kg

Weight total

40,1 kg

Max. load (body weight)

50 kg; Max. Größe der Kinder 1,20 m

Power consumption

160 VA



Wobbel function


Galileo Delta Interface


Included in delivery

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