Counteracting pelvic floor weakness
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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Counteracting pelvic floor weakness
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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GALILEO® for weakness of the pelvic floor muscles

In Germany, millions of people suffer from weakness of the pelvic floor muscles (or bladder weakness).

The laxity of these muscles and the associated problems usually occur due to age or as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

Galileo Therapy can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and may improve symptoms, as studies show.

Galileo Beckenboden

Galileo® devices for pelvic floor weakness

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Why Galileo® for pelvic floor weakness?


Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

Many people do not succeed in consciously tensing the right muscles straight away. In particular, this also affects the pelvic floor, because these are "invisible" muscles hidden inside the body. However, the muscle contractions caused by Galileo are independent of the user's will: Whether the user wants it or not, the pelvic floor vibrates. Using special exercises on Galileo, the pelvic floor muscles can be effectively trained in their function and performance.


Faster involution after pregnancy and childbirth

During the childbirth process, the pelvic floor is stretched significantly. Bladder or uterus prolapse may occur. Galileo therapy, e.g. as part of postnatal gymnastics, helps to strengthen the severely stressed pelvic floor as well as the pelvic and back muscles.

Galileo® Med 35

Compact technology and functional diversity for effective therapy


Silent operation

Hand rail

Practical optional holding bracket with integrated transport wheels


Randomly changing frequencies, crucial for balance training

Holding rack

Optional support stand with base plate for easy retrofitting if required

Smart Coaching

Automatic frequency adjustment in case of incorrect posture

Remote control

Wobble remote control for quick and easy frequency adjustment

Frequency range

From 5 Hz to 35 Hz - Enables a wide range of applications

Variable amplitude & intensity

Both high-intensity and low-intensity vibration

Galileo Med 35 1200

What experts say about Galileo®

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Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness of therapy with Galileo.
Benefit from the knowledge gained from 25 years of experience and from over 500 scientific publications on Galileo worldwide.

The Galileo® Research Fact sheets

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