For paraplegia
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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For paraplegia
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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GALILEO® in paraplegia

The central importance of the musculature for a healthy and efficient organism has been increasingly recognised in recent years. A well-functioning and at the same time efficient musculature is one of the prerequisites for healthy joints and bones and thus also an objective for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Due to the high number of repetitions in a short period of time, Galileo Therapy can help to significantly increase the efficiency of the therapy and to stabilise the existing, regained or newly learned skills of affected persons and to promote individual development.

In this regard, Galileo Therapy can offer an easily realisable and medically effective method that can positively support the rehabilitation process alongside classical physiotherapy.


Galileo Devices for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

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Neuromuscular training therapy with Galileo®

For paraplegia

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Galileo Therapy enables reflex-based activation of the muscles. In principle, this is also possible if voluntary access is not possible but the reflex chain is still present, which applies to most wheelchair users. The Galileo application at high frequencies preferentially stimulates those muscles that are used for high forces and fast movements. A regularly activated muscle contributes to improved blood circulation and bone preservation. If the muscles are also stiffened, energy can no longer be stored efficiently. With the resulting reduced movement efficiency, the body has to expend much more energy for the same movement, which in turn can lead to reduced performance. However, precisely this muscle power and muscle strength can be increased with Galileo Therapy.



A higher usage of the muscle has a positive effect on the bones in the medium and long term. An active muscle prevents bone loss and can strengthen the bone if used with sufficient intensity. Since the activation of the muscles in Galileo Therapy can be reflex-based, even people who no longer have voluntary access to these muscles can activate them effectively. The only prerequisite for this is an intact reflex chain.

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Especially in the medium frequency ranges of the Galileo systems, a very efficient relaxation of tense muscles is possible. At the same time, coordination is promoted throughout the entire muscle chain. Wheelchair users put a lot of strain on their arms and shoulders, and this daily exertion can easily lead to tension and pain. Here, Galileo Therapy can be used excellently to relax the muscles and reduce pain.Here, Galileo Therapy can be used excellently to relax the muscles and reduce pain. In the second step, muscles and muscle function can be built up in a targeted way in order to be even better prepared for the demands of daily life.

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Elasticity and flexibility can be significantly increased through Galileo application. Flexibility is also a crucial component of energy storage of the muscle-tendon apparatus and thus a prerequisite for efficient locomotion in everyday life. In addition, posture improves and tension due to pain can be relieved, which in turn contributes to an increase in quality of life.

Galileo® Med 35



Silent operation

Hand rail

Practical optional holding bracket with integrated transport wheels


Randomly changing frequencies, crucial for balance training

Holding rack

Optional support stand with base plate for easy retrofitting if required

Smart Coaching

Automatic frequency adjustment in case of incorrect posture

Remote control

Wobble remote control for quick and easy frequency adjustment

Frequency range

From 5 Hz to 35 Hz - Enables a wide range of applications

Variable amplitude & intensity

Both high-intensity and low-intensity vibration

Galileo Med 35 1200

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Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness of therapy with Galileo.
Benefit from the knowledge gained from 25 years of experience and from over 500 scientific publications on Galileo worldwide.

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Galileo® Space

VIbration Training in Space Research

Galileo® is in fact the vibration training device frequently used in space research.