Galileo® Therapy with
neurological diseases

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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Galileo® Therapy with
neurological diseases

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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GALILEO® for neuronal diseases

Galileo therapy can be successfully used in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson, incomplete Paraplegia, muscular dystrophy,stroke-patients as well as in chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia oder joint pain.

Depending on the indication, therapy progress can be achieved with the help of different frequencies. Depending on the selected frequency balance, coordination, muscle function or muscle power can be improved, spasticity (spasticity mangement) or contractures can be reduced. Notably, the wobble function of the current device generation has also been specially designed for this field of application.

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Galileo® devices for neuronal diseases

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why Galileo® for neuronal diseases?

Therapeutic goals in neuronal diseases:

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Reproducible and safe

The sinusoidal, continuously repeating movement of Galileo may enable motor and neuronal learning effects. The side-alternating vibration of the therapy platform simulates a physiologically meaningful movement pattern, similar to the human gait, which can also activate the back muscles effectively.


Reflective activation with advantages

Due to the reflex stimulation (mechano-stimulation), Galileo therapy is a form of stimulation that can activate the muscles involuntarily and thus does not have to be consciously controlled by the patient. Galileo therapy is therefore also particularly suitable for activating existing residual functions quickly and effectively and for learning targeted movement patterns.


High Compliance

Balance disorders, loss of strength and especially loss of power are age-associated side effects that can be effectively counteracted with Galileo. Galileo Therapy is therefore an effective means of fall prevention. The vicious circle of pain-induced immobilisation and the resulting increase in pain can also be counteracted with Galileo.



Due to the side-alternating movement of the Galileo therapy platform, the triggered reflex muscle contractions can extend up into the back. Side alternation is crucial here, as this allows the muscles to contract and relax each side alternately For back patients, it is especially important to release tensions in the back muscles.

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Stretching ability and flexibility are underestimated skills that are often needed in everyday life. They are often already noticeable during shoulder checks in the car. Shortening of the muscle-tendon apparatus restricts movement, which usually causes pain - the best example of this is chronic back pain. Stretchability and flexibility are crucial for the body's ability to store energy temporarily. This stored energy is essential for effective locomotion. With each step, we recycle about 80-90% of the energy needed. The loss of this storage capacity thus makes locomotion more strenuous and difficult. Galileo Therapy can be used extremely effectively to loosen tight muscles, stretch shortened structures and thus increase mobility. This results in improved posture and coordination, tension is released and the muscles are better supplied with blood.

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With increasing age or immobility, muscle power and muscle strength decrease. During the Galileo application, high frequencies can therefore preferentially stimulate the growth of those muscles that are used for high forces and fast movements. Typical everyday movements in this category are rising from a chair and climbing stairs, but also the sudden lunge to avoid an imminent fall when tripping. If the muscles are also stiffened, energy can no longer be stored efficiently. Movements are lacking then the necessary speed and efficiency. With poor movement efficiency, the body has to expend much more energy for the same movement, which in turn can result in reduced performance. However, precisely this muscle power and muscle strength can be increased with Galileo Therapy.



If the muscle is used more again, this has positive effects on the bone in the medium and long term. An active muscle prevents bone loss and can strengthen the bone if used with sufficient intensity. One should bear in mind that bone formation is basically a very slow process. Space research with Galileo shows: What is lost in bone mass in 8 weeks takes 2 years to rebuild - on the other hand, bone loss could be almost completely prevented with Galileo in Bedrest studies. Short-term goals of therapy can therefore be achieved much more effectively on the muscle: A noticeable improvement in muscle function can be achieved with Galileo Therapy in just a few weeks and if you don't fall, you drastically reduce your risk of fracture!

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Galileo® Mano Med 30

Neuromuscular stimulation hand and shoulder

Various sizes

Available in different sizes for adults and children


The control unit allows simultaneous operation of two Galileo Mano


Therapy with randomly changing frequencies for additional neurological effects

Compact & mobile

The compact control unit allows switching between treatment rooms

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