Against osteoporosis
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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Against osteoporosis
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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Neuromuscular training therapy
Reflex-based activation of pyhsiological movement patterns

Galileo® - Training therapy for muscle and bone

the history of Galileo® and osteoporosis therapy

Over 35 years ago, the sister company Stratec Medizintechnik GmbH began developing computer tomographs specifically for osteoporosis research. It quickly became clear to our company founder Hans Schießl how crucial muscle is for bone preservation and bone formation and he was far ahead of his time with this insight.

Based on these considerations, he therefore invented the Galileo side-alternating vibration training in order to enable an extremely effective and at the same time safe muscle strengthening and thus the stimulation of bone formation, especially in cases of advanced osteoporosis.

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Interplay between muscle and bone

Osteoporosis is characterised by the loss of bone mass and bone strength, but also by a reduction in muscle function – the combination of both leads to an increased risk of fracture. Fracture prevention in the form of successful fall prevention is therefore one of the core goals of osteoporosis treatment at Galileo Therapy.

Next to that, targeted muscle building (which has a positive effect on the bones) and the improvement of balance, flexibility, and muscle function are additional important treatment goals. These therapy goals can be realised with Galileo through a combination of exercises at different stimulation frequencies. Along with osteoporosis prevention and therapy, this concept also enables prevention and therapy of the related diseases frailty, sarcopenia and dynapenia.

Galileo Therapy enables effective muscle building and especially functional and power enhancement. This increase in power soon becomes noticeable in everyday life. For example, getting up from a chair, climbing the stairs or going for a walk suddenly becomes much easier. At the same time, daily use of the muscles is crucial for bone maintenance and also bone formation – and: a functioning muscle is also vital for an intact immune system. Due to their special design, Galileo systems allow the use of both high-intensity and low-intensity vibration. This can be easily adjusted via the foot position.

In addition, Galileo devices offer a wide range of stimulation frequencies. This is essential to enable the very different therapy goals that go beyond pure bone preservation. Innovative safety features such as Galileo Smart Coaching put Galileo devices in a class of their own.

Positive effects of Galileo® in osteoporosis

Due to its wide frequency range, Galileo systems allow not only effective muscle building, bone preservation or even bone formation, but also enable other positive effects that are relevant for the elderly, e.g:

  • Muscle relaxation to release tension
  • Pain reduction, e.g. in the back and joints
  • Reduction of muscle pain like soreness
  • Promoting blood circulation and improving endurance
  • Proprioceptive balance training
  • Gentle cardiovascular training
  • Improving flexibility and mobility

All these aspects contribute not only to well-being, but also to higher performance or fitness in everyday life. For example, getting up from a chair or climbing stairs becomes much easier. A greater ability to move in everyday life contributes decisively to an improved quality of life.

The widespread disease of physical inactivity and osteoporosis

Lack of exercise and the resulting reduced muscle function are major risk factors not only for osteoporosis, but also for almost all diseases of affluence such as obesity and diabetes, but also diseases of the cardiovascular system and the lungs. Last but not least, lack of exercise is also a major risk factor for dementia.

All of these conditions increase with age, and loss of muscle function or general fitness is a key risk factor in all of them. For this reason, the saying “Sitting is the new smoking” has been established.

With Galileo, you can significantly improve and maintain this important point for your health and for your quality of life with just a few minutes of use per day – and increased muscle performance will result in a significant improvement in quality of life and independence.

Galileo®devices against Osteoporosis

Which is the best Galileo device for me?

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Galileo® Therapy für bone and muscle

Neuromuscular Training Therapy
with Galileo®

Goals in the therapy and prevention of osteoporosis:

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With increasing age or immobility, muscle power and muscle strength decrease. During the Galileo application, high frequencies can therefore preferentially stimulate the growth of those muscles that are used for high forces and fast movements. Typical everyday movements in this category are rising from a chair and climbing stairs, but also the sudden lunge to avoid an imminent fall when tripping. If the muscles are also stiffened, energy can no longer be stored efficiently. Movements are lacking then the necessary speed and efficiency. With poor movement efficiency, the body has to expend much more energy for the same movement, which in turn can result in reduced performance. However, precisely this muscle power and muscle strength can be increased with Galileo Therapy.

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If the muscle is used more again, this has positive effects on the bone in the medium and long term. An active muscle prevents bone loss and can strengthen the bone if used with sufficient intensity. One should bear in mind that bone formation is basically a very slow process. Space research with Galileo shows: What is lost in bone mass in 8 weeks takes 2 years to rebuild - on the other hand, bone loss could be almost completely prevented with Galileo in Bedrest studies. Short-term goals of therapy can therefore be achieved much more effectively on the muscle: A noticeable improvement in muscle function can be achieved with Galileo Therapy in just a few weeks and if you don't fall, you drastically reduce your risk of fracture!



As bipeds, we spend about 80% of our time walking on one leg: the critical point when walking and also when falling is usually the control of the lateral weight shift. For walking is the controlled fall forward - but not to the side. So when it comes to preventing falls, the power of the muscles surrounding the hip (with the two large muscle groups of the thigh and gluteus) is one of the decisive factors. In addition to improving muscle power, improving balance and proprioception, especially to the side, therefore plays an important role in fall prevention with Galileo. Galileo uses very low frequencies for this purpose. The effect is significantly increased by the use of the wobble function, the continuous random (stochastic) small change of the stimulation frequency.

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Stretching ability and flexibility are underestimated skills that are often needed in everyday life. They are often already noticeable during shoulder checks in the car. Shortening of the muscle-tendon apparatus leads to movement restrictions, which usually result in pain - the best example of this is chronic back pain. Stretchability and flexibility are crucial for the body's ability to store energy temporarily. This stored energy is essential for effective locomotion. With each step, we recycle about 80-90% of the energy needed. The loss of this storage capacity thus makes locomotion more strenuous and difficult. Galileo Therapy can be used extremely effectively to loosen tight muscles, stretch shortened structures and thus increase mobility. This results in improved posture and coordination, tension is released and the muscles are better supplied with blood.

Gentle, reflex-based application

Since Galileo Therapy standing devices reflexively stimulate similar movement patterns as walking, Galileo can be used to train not only the basic muscle function itself but also the interaction between individual muscle parts – i.e. their coordination. This in turn contributes to an increase in muscle power.

Especially in old age, maintaining and increasing muscle power is a key factor to avoid falls, which can result in fractures of the femur, for example. Galileo Therapy is also excellently suited for older people due to the low burden on the cardiovascular system. At the same time, Galileo Therapy is beneficial to the joints and can also be used to reduce joint pain.

Galileo Therapy activates the entire muscle chain of the legs up to the torso. Emphasis on individual muscle groups can be varied simply and specifically by body posture and body stiffness.

Galileo Wirkprinzip

Galileo® Space

VIbration Training in Space Research

Galileo® is in fact the vibration training device frequently used in space research.

Is Galileo® safe for osteoporosis?

The answer is an unequivocal YES !

See also our special fact sheets on the numerous research results with Galileo.


Over 25 years of experience

We can look back on 25 years of consistently positive experience in our company history. This includes the target group of classic osteoporosis patients originally considered by Galileo inventor Hans Schießl and extends to children suffering from brittle bone disease (OI, osteogenesis imperfecta). Therapy with Galileo allows you to adjust the intensity steplessly, simply by adjusting the foot position. Therefore, both low-intensity vibration and high-intensity vibration can be used according to individual needs. Critical opinions are contrasted by over 800 scientific publications on high-intensity vibration training in an extremely wide range of applications - including over 500 scientific publications with Galileo alone. It has been proven that neither the high nor the low frequencies of Galileo are unsuitable for osteoporosis patients.


Low joint forces

Studies* have also shown that even during intensive Galileo use (26 Hz, nearly extended knees, position 2.5), the internal forces in the joints are lower than during walking - at the same time, research agrees that a lack of movement (and thus also too little walking) is a significant risk factor for osteoporosis as well as for sarcopenia. Galileo Therapy is therefore ideally suited for osteoporosis prophylaxis as well as for osteoporosis therapy - 25 years of experience confirm this. *) Rohlmann A, Schmidt H, Gast U, Kutzner I, Damm P, Bergmann G: In vivo measurements of the effect of whole body vibration on spinal loads.; Eur Spine J, 23(3):666-72, 2014 *) Kutzner I, Damm P, Schulze H, Bergmann G: Loading of the Knee and Hip Joint during Whole Body Vibration; European Congress of Biomechanics, Patras, 2013


Unique Galileo® safety function

But safety always comes first, of course - that's why Galileo devices use a patented intelligent sensor technology to automatically detect if a user is exercising beyond his or her capabilities and thus possibly overexerting themselves. In such a case, the system called Galileo Smart Coaching warns the user. If desired, Galileo Smart Coaching even automatically reduces the frequency - until the user has regained a more secure posture. Galileo Smart Coaching - the patented intelligent safety function from Galileo.

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Let Galileo® Therapy convince you!

Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness of therapy with Galileo.
Benefit from the knowledge gained from over 25 years of experience and from over 500 scientific publications on Galileo worldwide.

The Galileo® Research Fact sheets

Research resuls using Galileo® devices in Osteoporosis and Sacropenia