Against back pain
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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Against back pain
with Galileo® Therapy

The side-alternating original.
Made in Germany.

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GALILEO® For back pain

Incorrect posture and one-sided loading, but especially monotonous postures, often cause painful tension. Targeted use of Galileo can strengthen these weak structures, relax tense muscles and thus sustainably reduce back pain – with just a few minutes of use per day. And the best thing: you feel better immediately after the Galileo application. Relaxing the tense back muscles is the first and decisive step in counteracting back pain, because a pain-free back enables further exercises that build up and strengthen the back muscles in the long term. Für beide Zielsetzungen eignet sich Galileo hervorragend, und das mit nur sehr wenig Zeitaufwand.


Galileo® devices for back pain

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why Galileo® for back pain?

Therapy goals for back pain:



Due to the side-alternating movement of the Galileo therapy platform, the triggered reflex muscle contractions can extend up into the back. Side alternation is crucial here, as this allows the muscles to contract and relax each side alternately For back patients, it is especially important to release tensions in the back muscles.

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Stretchability and flexibility can be increased with Galileo exercise. Structural shortening, which typically accompanies chronic back pain, can thus be effectively treated. Last but not least, this improves the posture.Last but not least, this improves the posture. But also acute tension due to pain or after a long, tiring day at the office can be significantly relieved in just a few minutes.

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Galileo Therapy enables a reflex-based activation of the musculature, bypassing protective postures and the associated secondary sources of pain. The Galileo application at high frequencies preferentially stimulates those muscles that are used for high forces and fast movements. A regularly activated muscle contributes to improved blood circulation and bone preservation. If the muscles are also stiffened, energy can no longer be stored efficiently. With the resulting reduced movement efficiency, the body has to expend much more energy for the same movement, which in turn can lead to reduced performance. However, precisely this muscle power and muscle strength can be increased with Galileo Therapy.

The GALILEO® back programme

Use the time at home now and do some good for your back. With our specially designed back programme.With our specially designed back programme.

Strong back muscles alleviate many everyday situations and ensure that you do not have to think about back pain even during long periods of sedentary work.

Simply download the Galileo Training app from your app store or turn to page 188 in our training manual. The exercises listed help to loosen, relax, stretch and strengthen the back muscles.

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Galileo® Med 35



Silent operation

Hand rail

Practical optional holding bracket with integrated transport wheels


Randomly changing frequencies, crucial for balance training

Holding rack

Optional support stand with base plate for easy retrofitting if required

Smart Coaching

Automatic frequency adjustment in case of incorrect posture

Remote control

Wobble remote control for quick and easy frequency adjustment

Frequency range

From 5 Hz to 35 Hz - Enables a wide range of applications

Variable amplitude & intensity

Both high-intensity and low-intensity vibration


What experts say about Galileo®

The page alternating original

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Galileo® Med CHAIR

Side alternating muscle stimulation of the trunk muscles Optimised for wheelchair users


Therapy with randomly changing frequencies for additional neurological effects and relaxation of the musculature

Functional Stimulation

From relaxation of the back muscles to back mobilisation and trunk stability.

Seated application

Releasing tension in the back muscles simply while sitting.

Remote control

Wobble remote control for quick and easy frequency adjustment

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Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness of therapy with Galileo.
Benefit from the knowledge gained from 25 years of experience and from over 450 scientific publications on Galileo worldwide.

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