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Galileo® Mano 20 & 20 L

Galileo Mano Med vibrating Dumbbell 20 / Galileo Mano Med vibrating Dumbbell 20 L.

Galileo® Mano Med 30

Second vibrating dumbbell. Footswitch. Remote control for control panel. Wobbel remote control.

Galileo® Med 15 TT

Therapy for Kids. Light and mobile for our youngest with optional Galileo Mano controll.

Galileo® Med 25 TT

Muscle stimulation for mobile use in therapeutic areas. Compact & flexible, extended frequency range and ready to use with Galileo Delta A/C Tilt-Tables.

Galileo® RFID

Use over network - Usage into existing RFID Tokens possible. Galileo® RFID - available as an option.

Galileo® Smart Coaching

Galileo Smart Coachingsafety function

Galileo® Smart Sense

Force sensors can detect asymmetry. Multifunctionality for more efficiency, control and security.

Galileo® Wobbel function

Effective therapy of balance and coordination. Application with randomly changing frequencies.

Chip-Card support

Chip option supporting time accounts and presetting of individual training profiles.

Weight disks 2 x 2.5 kg

Additional weight disks: 2 x 2.5 kg incl. fixation clips.

Galileo® Wobbel Remore Control

Extended 5-button remote control inlcuding control of the Galileo Wobbel mode as well as teh select-button,

Galileo® Med L

The model for many different therapeutic applications. Freedom of movement for therapist and patient. Integrated Wobbel function and Galileo Smart Coaching.

Galileo® Med L Chip

Therapy model with additional functionality. User-friendly for independent therapy sessions. Including Wobbel function and Galileo Smart Coaching.


Hand rail with integrated wheels for easy transportation of the Galileo® Med 25 TT and Galileo® S 35.

hand rail with base plate

Hand rail with base plate for Galileo® Med 25 TT and Galileo® Med 35.

Galileo® Med Personal Trainer (PT)

Panel for your interactive application. With large display for visualization of the complete exercise procedure.

Galileo® Delta A / Delta C TiltTable

Side-alternating muscle stimulation for users unable to stand. Use with children and adults.

Exclusively for our private users in Germany when purchasing a new Galileo device

As a private customer, you can benefit from our 5-year warranty offer when you buy a new Galileo device!

Galileo® therapy devices

(Medical devices according to MPG)

The side-alternating original Made in Germany.

All Galileo medical and training products are developed and manufactured by Novotec Medical exclusively in Germany and distributed worldwide together with our partners.

The first patent for Galileo vibration training devices, which has now expired, was registered as early as 1996. The quality of Galileo medical and training products is ensured by a quality management system for medical products monitored by TÜV in accordance with ISO 13485.

Contraindications must be excluded before the first use of Galileo.
You can find detailed information about the background of vibration training here.

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